Male City Tour

If you are planning what to do in Maldives on your trip to the island nation, remember to pay a visit to the capital island, Male. While you are in Male, explore the heritage buildings, intriguing museums, breathtaking parks, and pristine beaches. You can also just choose to stroll through the flamboyant streets and relish the local food and shop your favorite souvenirs from the colourful and lively open markets.


Maldives has a divinie feature to count you in and that is parasailing which it is entirely famous for. This is an enthralling activity where you can glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat.


One of the most peaceful ways to explore the boundless Indian Ocean is through a kayaking adventure in the Maldives. Glide across the turquoise waters and watch the magical marine life beneath you.

Dolphin Whale Watching

Spinner dolphins are the commonest cetacean species in the Maldives, and are the main species targeted by resort islands during their short dolphin-watching excursions. These trips sometimes also see Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins inside the atolls, as well as pilot whales and other species outside the atolls.

Swim With Dolphins

One of the most exciting activities to do in Maldives is swim with dolphins. Many Maldives luxury villas now offer swimming or sometimes snorkelling with dolphins as part of their experiential cruises.


Located in the top 10 list of the best world's destinations because of their surreal paradise landscape and the extraordinary collection of luxury resort, Maldives are equally well known for their underwater wonders, where diving and snorkeling are key assets in the search for an unforgettable experience in the ...

Sunset Fishing

When the light starts to get low, the fish tend to get a lot more active. It's not just the bass that become active, all the fish in the lake do. You'll start to see shad come up to the top in the evening and you'll see bass start to break the top of the water

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

The Maldives ranks among the top five places on Earth for watching whales and Dolphins. Sunset time is the best time to go look for the pods of dolphin that inhabit the surrounding waters. You will be onboard our spacious traditional Maldivian style boats enjoying the splendid view of the sunset as the dolphins jump and play with the bow and the wake of the boat. Refreshments will be available onboard and while you indulge in the spectacular scenery in the presence of these majestic marine mammals.

Jet Ski

Owing to the super terrific speed and bewildering thrill, jet skiing is counted among the most preferred water sports available in the Maldives.

Submarine Tour

Take a 45-minute submarine tour of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean while visiting Male in the Maldives. Ride in air-conditioned comfort for as the German-built passenger submarine descends to about 100 feet (30 meters) below the surface, allowing you to see colorful fish and coral reef. The submarine can carry up to 50 passengers and you have a choice of four departure times for the 2-hour tour, which includes port pickup and drop-off. 2-hour Maldives submarine tour, from Male Explore the Indian Ocean in a submarine Go underwater to view fish and corals without getting wet Hear facts about local marine life from the crew Choice of several departures throughout the day