Sri Lanka

A balmy tropical climate, dramatic sandy beaches backed by lush deep green forests that sway to the sound of bird song, high-altitude hill-top hideaways, a diverse array of wildlife, traditional working tea plantations and unique cultural ancient cities. We are committed to serve you with a tour that suits you to leave you with an everlasting impression.


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In the Indian ocean, south of India lies Sri Lanka. Perhaps the slightly less travelled roots of Southern Asia.

This idyllic Buddhist Island resembles a place time forgot where cows roam the lands, ancient monuments and temples are to be found almost everywhere, and rugged landscapes is home to a wonderfully diverse range of animals, especially the elephants.

Great explorers were enticed by the lush greenery, the fragrant spices, and its tropical lifestyle. Some wrote chapters about it, some wrote books, and some never left after falling in love with the island and its many hidden treasures. 2000 years of cultural history is recorded at ancient sites and temples some of which are now listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The recent past includes the rule of the Dutch and British over this sovereign island later gaining independence in 1948.

Today it’s famous for its delicious tea, turquoise beaches, exotic wildlife, ancient monuments, and many more. An island so small, yet so unexpectedly diverse from every point of view.


Sri Lanka is an out of this world tropical island which is blessed with an exciting piece of everything possible on earth. Escape to a paradise on earth where you can trot along the golden sands sipping a fresh king-coconut, safari through the lush jungle to see mighty elephants and elusive leopards and perfect your golf swing on a stunning green golf course.

This is an outdoor paradise somewhere to totally escape and fall completely off the grid. Buses, tuk-tuks and mopeds all noisily hurtling along the busy streets. Once known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka was a country that

Sri Lanka is a country whose Buddhist past is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years ago. So, with such a lengthy heritage there’s a great array of temples, ancient monasteries, and monuments to explore, both in the town and hidden away in the islands’ dense forests.

Here you’ll find local artists taking their inspiration from Sri Lanka’s wildlife. Sri Lankan craftsmanship has a long and vibrant history. Over the centuries the islanders have produced everything from lace work, elaborate metal works & carvings in wood. Buddha’s Hindu Gods, traditional Sri Lankan masks and elephants are among the most popular carvings.

The people in Sri Lanka are what makes this wonderful island what it is. The smiles, the ever-so-helpful attitude, the laid-back lifestyle, and the rustic architecture all tastefully lingers in your mind every step of the way.


The weather in Sri Lanka is dictated by two monsoon seasons which bring rain to the west and south-west coasts from May to September: and the east coast and northern region between October and February. The rest of the year is sunny and dry. Temperatures are constant year-round, with coastal regions enjoying average temperatures of 25-30C and the highlands 15-18C on average.

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination since there is something for every discerning traveler. From pilgrim experiences to adventure, culture, honeymoon, or even special interest experiences, there is something you can do in Sri Lanka anytime of the year. With recent weather pattern changes, it is hard to predict when it would rain and when the sun is out, however, making a note that Sri Lanka is a tropical destination and rain is to be expected anytime of the day, any time of the year; always helps.

Our recommended best time of the year to travel is between November to April. However, its best to keep in mind that this period is also quite expensive to travel as the European winters and the festive year end generally attracts a lot of travelers to Sri Lanka.


VISA can be obtained online via the government e-visa website – If you are a citizen of Singapore, Maldives, or Seychelles, you are exempt from the requirement of obtaining visa for 1 month. It could take up to 5 working days for a VISA to process depending on where you are

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